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a complete one-stop done for you content library for health coaches, wellness coaches and fitness pro's to get quality done-for-you plr content


Hey, there health coach!

Have worthy content that intrigues your ideal clients using Done For You Coaching Content Club for Coaches.

Whether you are a health, wellness, fitness or life coach, you can get powerful, done-for-you PLR content that stops them in their tracks.


  • Spend hours each week writing blog posts that might or might not be seen or read
  • Suffer from Instagram envy from other coaches because your feed doesn't look and feel as professional and sleek as theirs
  • Feel unheard and unseen because of the lack of likes and love on your Facebook posts
  • Can't seem to get clients from your social media marketing like you see others doing
  • Are DONE with hours of creation that suck hours out of your life and business every week
Coaching Content Club PLR done for you

You don't have to suffer any of that anymore.

It's safe to say, if you want gorgeous content that looks like you just stepped out of a branding agency, without breaking your budget, you've found the BEST, most affordable resource in the world!


Coaching Content Club

The only way that you show off your best coaching business content WITHOUT spending hours and hours crafting and creating it ever again.


Content Club image 4

As a coach, it's INTEGRAL to your business to do the social media dance. Which means, if you don't take it seriously and do it well, you don't get clients coming in the door.

It's plain and simple.

Unfortunately, people will look to your social feed and know if you're a pro or if you're only acting like one. So, if your Facebook or Instagram feeds lack that savoir-faire, it impacts your (potential) profits. The same applies to your website and blog. 

So, how can you GET that kind of look without deep branding and design knowledge?

Without spending HOURS and hours in Canva, only to come up with graphics that don't look like a high-end brand anyway?

And, without scouring the internet for design inspiration saving mood boards furiously?

Oh, and how can you create blog posts that Google loves and that people want to read without investing the average 8-10 hours a week?

Without researching, drafting, editing, and honing a piece of content that is truly informative, engaging, AND will help your traffic when you need to be actually connecting with people and servicing your clients?

but lastly, how can you maximize your time?

So that you are doing the real, meaningful work of impacting people if you're busy doing things that are necessary, but not in your wheelhouse, so to speak?

Ivory Mix Working From Home with Cats

It's easier than you think! If...

+ Clients aren't showing up and you're on the verge of returning to a real J-O-B because you can't get out of the famine rut of running your own health and wellness business

+ The dream of making it as an online coach isn't even close to fruition

+ Your dream business is nowhere near where you thought it would be by now

+ You are tired of crickets on the posts that you agonize over for Facebook or Instagram

Then, Coaching Content Club is about to make your life and your health & wellness coaching business run 110x smoother.

in the coaching content club

You get pre-written and pre-designed pieces of content that save you hours and hours of searching, crafting and creating impactful content that makes you look like completely professional in the eyes of your ideal client.

This means, no more

fighting canva

to only end up with a mediocre design that people can tell wasn't made by a high-end designer, taking up too much time. 

Certainly, no more


to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create blogs, website content and newsletters for you.

Definately, no more

Research Hell

while you try to find credible sources to back up your work online or attempt to craft up the perfect program

Instead, you can publish content that is YOURS and that gets no more crickets and so much more love online.

It's time to stand up and be seen like these coaches and wellness warriors

Beth Gordon

Health Coach

"WOW! I was on the fence about purchasing. I can't stop perusing and I have no idea how I'll decide which ones to get this month. This is a FANTASTIC service. Love the redesign, and I look forward to making the most of this!"

Megan G

Health Coach

"Easy to use content. I love that content club provides written for you blogs which save me time in my business."

Marissa M

Health Coach

"I enjoyed the material inside Content Club, its variety and it is user friendly."

Lisa G

Health Coach

"First a huge thank you for your beautiful images and quotes... I joined the content club because I currently don't have a lot of free time to teach myself how to make high-quality images to use on social media. Once I had a look at the content there was absolutely no question!  I'm so glad I finally looked into it. Thank you - thank you - thank you!"

Blog post pack - keto

Nikki K

Health Coach

"WOW! I love the content club. The images are fresh and up-to-date, the content is varied and well researched and best of all, using it saved me so much time. With just a few small tweaks to make the content 'my own' I was able to provide my members and clients with helpful and interesting articles and tips. Thank you so much for putting this much work and love into this wonderful service."

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.43.22 am

the best part?

You want to coach.
You don't want to create content.

Now you can!

Coaching Content Club is literally...
Your one-stop shop for your online business needs as a coach in the health, wellness, fitness, business and life arenas.

You'll get access to a complete done for you content library

Full of content specifically for Health Coaches, Wellness Entrepreneurs, Fitness Pro's and Coaches such as:

filler - essential oils

Social Media Images

done for you Blog Post Life coaching

Blog Posts & Articles

manage stress with ease - editable v1

Challenges & Programs

website copy template gut health autoimmune

Website Copy Templates

The Art of self confidence done for you ebook

Ebooks & Guides

Done For You Editable Fitness Planner Workbook Journal

Workbooks & Journals

newsletter content life coaching content

Handouts & Newsletters

Video content explainers

Video Explainer Content

Biz booster coupons

Business Templates

Infographic - detox toxins pack 1

Infographics & Images



Email Templates

Sales Funnel Templates

Recipes Content

Client Onboarding Materials



Coaching Content Club is the answer to your coaching business prayers. Saving you time and money so you can focus on the more important things.

What's Inside Done For You
Coaching Content Club For Health Coaches

The peace of mind that your completely done-for-you, pick and choose library of content is well researched and beautifully designed. The confidence in the look and feel of a high-brow brand that creates connection and trust for the people who follow your gorgeous social feeds and are thinking of working with you.

Challenges and Mini Programs

Challenges & Mini Programs

Boost Your Trust

Coaching Content that gives you credibility as a coach to build momentum: All completely editable and re-brandable so that you can build trust or get more clients with a taste of your coaching services. These are ideal for keeping clients happy within a membership program too! 

[Valued at $150+ each, never pay that again!]

Social Images & Quotes

Look Professional

Social Media Content Packs that look and feel like you just paid top dollar to a designer for: These are all beautifully designed to boost your social media presence with high-quality content and to get people talking to you in your feeds. FINALLY.

[Valued at $50+ each, never pay that again!]

Social Images and Quotes
Ebooks and Guides

Ebooks, Workbooks &Guides

Build Your List & Authority

Pre-written and pre-designed ebooks, workbooks, guides and lead magnets on a variety of topics that most have to pay hundreds for and are completely editable for you to use to build your email list, bonus or coaching aid for clients.

[Valued at $97+ each, never pay that again!]

Blogs & Articles

That people actually want to read

BLOG POSTS & ARTICLE CONTENT THAT CREATES TRUST AND HELPS SHOW YOU'RE PROFESH: Professionally written by a copywriter that you don't have to invest hundreds or thousands in so you spend time actually coaching, instead of researching, writing, editing, and wondering if anyone is even going to read it.

[Valued at $200+ each, never pay that again!]

Content Club Collections Blog posts
Business Templates

Business Templates

Take the guesswork out!

DONE-FOR-YOU TEMPLATES that remove doubt and fear: Access to pre-written sales funnel templates, email follow-up sequences, ebook templates, handouts, website copy and more so that you can run an efficient coaching business that looks you had a designer and a copywriter write it all for you!

[Valued at $197+ each, never pay that again!]

Newsletters & Handouts

full of useful info

NEWSLETTERS AND HANDOUTS CONTENT THAT BOOSTS YOUR STREET CRED WHEN IT COMES TO USEFUL INFO: Professionally written newsletters and beautifully designed Canva template handouts that won't break the bank, but will boost your credibility in an instant.

[Valued at $180+ each, never pay that again!]

Newsletters and Handouts
Explainer videos

Explainer Videos

boost your credibility online

BECAUSE VIDEO CONTENT IS KING, YOU NEED COACHING VIDEO CONTENT: Each video explainer has music and text to explain a topic to your audience and motivate them for positive change. Each video is provided in mp4 format and is between 1:30 and 2:30 in length. The perfect time to explain healthy concepts!

[Valued at $97+ each, never pay that again!]


In case you are skeptical and still on the fence because it seems way too good to be true, listen to health coaches already using Content Club and making an impact!

Play Video

Bonus Resources & Videos

Because this is a one-stop-shop, your bonus resources are here to help you maximize your content and create a footprint across your NICHE, faster

Get a whole suite of tutorials, guides, cheat sheets and more to help you build your online coaching business without the struggle that most businesses suffer.

Not only will you get the deets on HOW to use your content and make it unique to YOU and your brand. But you also get access to our training and business building courses for free to help you use what you're paying for and get the ABSOLUTE highest return possible on your membership!


Transform your Health Coaching Business!


Simply log in, download your content choices and either use immediately as is or edit the designed content to match your brand by changing fonts, colors and adding your logo. The content is created in a way that can be used straight "out of the box" or tweaked until your heart's content to make it more unique to you.

Health & Wellness

Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition

Types of content available:

  • Menopause
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Cravings, Emotional Eating
  • Gut Health
  • Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Disease
  • So much more...

Life, Business and Mindset

For coaches who work on the deeper parts life

Types of content available:

  • Body Positive
  • Mindset
  • Self Love & Care
  • Life and Direction
  • And so much more...

Fitness & Exercise

For coaches who focus on active lifestyles

Types of content available:

  • Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Motivational
  • Pilates
  • And more...

Other Content Topics

For the coaches who offer more in their business

Types of content available:

  • Essential Oils
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Toxins & Detoxing
  • Spirituality
  • And so much more...

Here's what our members have said about being inside Content Club for coaches

"Content Club makes engaging with my group so foolproof and with minimal branding or customization. The best money I have ever spent. Thank you Kylie and team"


"I love the quality and variety of images and quotes for the social media posts as well as the challenge images. The Online Content Marketing Planner is a huge bonus! This training and tool will save me hours."


"Kylie, You give me more quality of life as your product is superior and ready to insert! Such a quality product, I know it's awesome as soon as it hits my hands. Thank you!"



Hi! I'm Kylie Malcolm.

The fairy godmother you've been looking for...and that's not self-proclaimed.

Business owners I work with and members of the Coaching Content Club are in love with their lives and their businesses because they no longer have to sweat drops of blood trying to create mediocre content that doesn't help them grow...thanks to my support and love of content creation.

While I don't turn pumpkins into coaches, I do turn frustrated, confused and overwhelmed coaches into successful, motivated and productive professionals who not only re-ignite their passion for coaching but also, make money while doing so.

My mission is to bridge the narrowing gap for coaches who are trying to build their business online, make money sharing their passion AND save time while doing it.

I became a Certified Health Coach 10 years ago and have been helping thousands of coaches ever since with website design and coaching content.

This is the Ultimate Done-For-You Content Library for Health, Fitness, Wellness & Life Coaches

You now have permission to devote the time you need to your clients and perfecting your craft.

Because THAT'S how you become the BEST so you can finally earn what you're worth. SCALING happens when you free yourself up to do the things that ONLY you can do in your business.

Bronze Access Pass

$37 1 month
  • 2 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses

Silver Access Pass

$47 1 month
  • 3 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses

All Access Pass

$4997 Lifetime
  • 600 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses
  • Worth over $30K!

** Cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. All prices are in USD. 

Content Club - Anna Marie


"I love love love that the material is on point with the unique needs and challenges of what I need. Plus, I don't have to spend hours revising the material itself. Such a relief! Plus the design is gorgeous. Kylie isn't kidding when she said it's a whole month worth of content. She has my blog, Facebook page, Facebook group and even suggested a neat way to use the content to build my list, which was completely unexpected. I'm over the moon excited!"


Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist & Picky Eating Coach


The Coaching Content Club Library

Here's the exact content library you get access to.

  • All
  • Blog Post Content & Newsletters
  • Challenges & Mini Programs
  • Infographics
  • Lead Magnets & Ebooks
  • Marketing Materials
  • Recipe & Meal Planning Content
  • Social Media Content & Images
  • Video Content
Days of the week - Gold Foil

Days of the Week Images (Gold Foil Edition)

Editable Motivation Images 1

Motivational Images Pack #1 (Editable Version)

Pink Watercolor Motivation Images 1

Motivational Images #1 (Pink Watercolor Edition)

shining bright image bundle 1 marketing

Motivational Images #1 (Pink Sparkle Edition)

Gold foil motivation Images #1

Motivational Images #1 (Gold Foil Edition)

better health book

Ebook – 5 Days to Better Health

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Say goodbye to the hassle of starting your content from scratch when you join the Coaching Content Club – with just a few clicks, you can download our pre-written and beautifully pre-designed content specifically for coaches all over the world and edit them however you like! 🙌🌿

So whether you're a "ready-to-go" kind of coach or a master of customization, the choice is ✨yours✨!

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Shoutout to Caroline for this amazing review! 🙌

We're absolutely thrilled that we could make the website creation process easy and manageable for you. We're here to cheer you on as you continue on your path to success! 🌟💻

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A walk down history lane: Meet Kree, a life, fitness coach, and 3x gold medalist for bikini & fitness modeling 🌿⭐

Kree approached us seeking a sophisticated, clean, and professional website makeover. Using the Refresh/Tidy Up package on WordPress, we also designed a website that requires no custom code, ensuring easy maintenance and usability 👩‍💻✨ and we're absolutely in love with it!

What do you think of her refreshed website look? 😍

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