Content Club

For New and Busy Coaches Who Don’t Have TIME To Create The Tons Of Content Needed To Grow A Successful Coaching Business

Coaching Content Club Done For You

Have Scroll-Stopping Content For Your Coaching Business…

In Just A Few Minutes A Month

No more spending 8-10 hours a week creating client-attracting content…

Because now you can have engaging content done for you!

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Access an entire library of content that is backed by research, written by humans, designed by professionals…and proven to save time for coaches (new or seasoned!)

SAVE HOURS Each Week With Done-For-You Content Like…

Ebooks & Guides (CCC Website)
  • Challenges & Mini Programs
  • Ebooks & Guides
  • Newsletters
  • Workbooks & Journals
  • Social Media Posts
  • Business Templates
  • Video Explainers
  • Infographics
  • Website Copy Templates
  • Email Templates
  • & So Much More...

You know you need blogs, newsletters, social posts, and all the content for everything!

But the thought of doing all that creation on your own is enough to send you doom-scrolling, instead of actually doing the work.

That’s why we built…

Coaching Content Club

Now you can finally sleep better at night knowing you’ll have content you can rely on, without spending your life doing tons of research, writing, and creation, on your own.

Lisa G

Health Coach

"First a huge thank you for your beautiful images and quotes... I joined the content club because I currently don't have a lot of free time to teach myself how to make high-quality images to use on social media. Once I had a look at the content there was absolutely no question!  I'm so glad I finally looked into it. Thank you - thank you - thank you!"

Killer Content

Professionally written

High-Quality Graphics

Professionally designed

100% Editable Files

For Mac and PC

Explainer Video Tools

For credibility

Business Building

Bonus content & tutorials

All Content(CCC Website)

Coaching Content Club

is a monthly subscription that gives you access to a massive content pack library of copy and content that you need as a coach to attract the clients you want to work with.

All You Have To Do Is…

Put Your Brand Touch On It

Et Violà!

You have UNIQUE & POWERFUL CONTENT to help you stand out, be seen as an influencer, and sign the clients you love working with…

Without spending 17807 hours up to your eyeballs in research and 983662 hours trying to put it all into a creative design that shows off your expertise.

Beth Gordon

Health Coach

"WOW! I was on the fence about purchasing. I can't stop perusing and I have no idea how I'll decide which ones to get this month. This is a FANTASTIC service. Love the redesign, and I look forward to making the most of this!"

Handouts & Newsletters (CCC Website)


Sending out entertaining and educational newsletters and handouts each week keeps you top of mind. So we craft content your readers will LOVE to read and take action on.

(Valued at $180+)

Blog Posts & Articles (CCC Website)


Articles are a massive way to showcase your expertise. That’s why we put everything we have into creating well-researched content that illustrates your authority.

(Valued at $200+)

Video Explainer Content (CCC Website)

Explainer Videos

With the social outlets prioritizing video, we offer 1:30 - 2:30 mp4 format videos to help you shine as an expert, get seen on social, and engage viewers who will see that you are the real deal in your niche.

(Valued at $97+)

Ebooks & Guides (CCC Website)


Beautifully designed ebooks, workbooks, journals and guides come with well-researched content that will help you show off what you know, build the trust you need, and attract more of the people you want to work with to your business.

(Valued at $157+ each)

Social Media Images (CCC Website)

Social Content

With our high-quality graphics & quotes, you’ll have everything you need to publish daily authority content on all your social media channels, as well as in groups to help your ideal clients find you.

(Valued at $97+)

Challenges & Programs (CCC Website)


Challenges and other mini-programs we offer help you grow your audience and your income without you having to lift (much of) a finger. Each content pack has everything you need to launch and execute with ease.

(Valued at $150+)

Business Templates (CCC Website V2 (CCC Website)

Business Templates

Because we want to be your go-to for ALL things business, you also get access to pre-written sales funnel templates, email follow-up sequences, ebook templates, handouts, website copy, and more so that you can run an efficient coaching business that looks like you had a designer and a copywriter write it all for you!

(Valued at $197+)

Nikki K

Health Coach

"WOW! I love the content club. The images are fresh and up-to-date, the content is varied and well researched and best of all, using it saved me so much time. With just a few small tweaks to make the content 'my own' I was able to provide my members and clients with helpful and interesting articles and tips. Thank you so much for putting this much work and love into this wonderful service."

The beauty of Coaching Content Club is...

You OWN Your Content


Our competitors often deliver content and graphics from a third party (like Canva) that maintains the rights to your work, even after you publish it.

Yes, truly.

But here, you get access to human-generated content that YOU own and can do with as you wish.

The only thing you CAN’T do with it? Is resell it as your own white-label content. Fair enough, right??


Even if Canva (or any other service) goes down (again) or goes out of business…

You’ll Still Have Your Content.

Canva Down...

Powered By Heart

Coaching Content Club offers copy & content that is actually RESEARCHED and WRITTEN by human writers and copywriters so YOU don’t have to risk your business by publishing AI copy that may contain misinformation…or a lack of heart.

Unique Content

Your brand and branding are unique to you, so your Coaching Content Club content will be, too! Inside the Club, you’ll have access to video tutorials to help you quickly and easily personalize and brand your downloads so you can be sure that every piece you publish will be just like you…unique!

Get Back What You Invest

When you invest in Coaching Content Club, you are taking back HOURS of your time each week. And the small membership fee is a FRACTION of the massive value of the time that you will no longer have to spend researching and creating content. It’s a fraction of the value of the time that you’ll get back so you can actually relax when you’re not working, instead of worrying about what you have to create next.

And That Makes Coaching Content Club A No-Brainer.



Don’t love it here? (We cannot fathom that, BUT….you never know!)

There are no crazy hoops to jump through if you decide that Coaching Content Club is not for you. Simply log into your account and click “cancel” at any time. You’ll retain access to any download credits you have left until your monthly billing cycle expires.

Newsletters and Handouts
Ebooks and Guides
Content Club Collections Blog posts
Challenges and Mini Programs
Business Templates

Megan G

Health Coach

"Easy to use content. I love that content club provides written for you blogs which save me time in my business."

Content Club image 4

How Coaching Content Club Works

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the download credits immediately.

If you use up your credits before your month is up, you’re free to upgrade to a membership to one with more downloads or you may choose to end your membership and simply purchase a Credit Pack, as needed.


  • Blog Packs come with 2 blogs
  • Newsletter Packs come with 4 newsletters
  • 1 graphic pack comes with 20 social media graphics

Each content pack is 1 download credit.

To Get Access

  • Simply choose your plan
  • Access our huge content pack library
  • Choose your time-saving content pack
  • Take a few minutes to edit (if you like! We do recommend it, though)
  • Then, publish or schedule!

VOILÀ! In just a few minutes, your week’s worth of content or your next challenge is READY…


NOT A FEW DAYS…the way traditional content creation demands!

Content Club for coaches signup

Marissa M

Health Coach

"I enjoyed the material inside Content Club, its variety and it is user friendly."

Speaking of the Content Library, Come Tour Some Of It!

You’ll get access to hundreds of content packs each month plus the NEW content packs/downloads & bonuses that are added!

All Files Inside the Library Are Editable Files That You Download & OWN (they are not third-party and can never be taken away from you). Mac and PC options available for all content.

Bonus Resources & Videos

Because this is a one-stop-shop, your bonus resources are here to help you maximize your content and create a footprint across your NICHE, faster

Get a whole suite of tutorials, guides, cheat sheets and more to help you build your online coaching business without the struggle that most businesses suffer.

Not only will you get the deets on HOW to use your content and make it unique to YOU and your brand. But you also get access to our training and business building courses for free to help you use what you're paying for and get the ABSOLUTE highest return possible on your membership!


Who Is Coaching Content Club For, Anyway???

If you are in the Health, Wellness, Business, Life, or Spirituality industry? We have everything you need to create content that will grow your email list and increase your sales…without you dedicating your life to content marketing.

Get Access To Content About…

Ivory Mix Working From Home with Cats
  • Menopause
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Cravings, Emotional Eating
  • Gut Health
  • Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Disease
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Motivational
  • Body Positive
  • Mindset
  • Self Love & Care
  • Life and Direction
  • Essential Oils
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Toxins & Detox
  • Spirituality
  • And TONS more!

Coaching Content Club Makes Your Content Creation 100X Easier…

So Easy, You MIGHT Feel Guilty…But Only For A Minute!

What Will YOU Do With Your Coaching Content Club Content?

Grow Your Email List

Download an entire challenge and all of its components, saving you 10+ hours of blood, sweat, and tears that you can spend with the people you love. Download a well-researched and beautiful ebook to help you build credibility…without spending hours on Google or in Canva. Download stylized PDFs and other content that will solve problems, deliver solutions, and attract the people you want to work with to your coaching business.

Create Shareworthy Content

Our extensive content library has high-end visuals, powerful videos, educational social posts, and more to help you publish content that your audience will want to share, helping you grow your coaching business’s digital footprint.

Repurpose For Greater Purpose

Another reason to love Coaching Content Club is that you can S-T-R-E-T-C-H your download credits by purposefully repurposing the content you download! Just because it’s labeled “blog post pack” doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something else!

For example…

A blog post can be cut up into 5-10 social posts.
Newsletters can even be posted as social posts.
An ebook can be adapted to supplement your membership content or even a program that you launch.
A workbook can be used as a freebie or as part of the toolbox you use with your clients inside of your program.

There is literally NO limit to how you can use your downloads

(other than NOT reselling it as your own white-label content)

Join Coaching Content Club Today!

Basic Access Pass

$29 per month
  • 2 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses

Premium Access Pass

$59 per month
  • 5 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses

Credit Pack

$300 one time
  • 30 Download Credits
  • Bonus Content Downloads
  • Tutorials & Courses
  • Only $10 per download

** Cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. No commitment. All prices are in USD. 

"Content Club makes engaging with my group so foolproof and with minimal branding or customization. The best money I have ever spent. Thank you Kylie and team"


"I love the quality and variety of images and quotes for the social media posts as well as the challenge images. The Online Content Marketing Planner is a huge bonus! This training and tool will save me hours."


"Kylie, You give me more quality of life as your product is superior and ready to insert! Such a quality product, I know it's awesome as soon as it hits my hands. Thank you!"


Video testimonials

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Who's Behind Coaching Content Club?

Hey Coach! I’m Kylie!

I’m a Certified Health Coach, Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Sound Bowl Healer, Meditation and Breathwork Teacher, Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner, Online Business Strategist, and Website Designer.

And I built Coaching Content Club for coaches who need a hand in creating content. Because I know how hard it is to do ALL the things. And content creation is a MASSIVE draw on your time.

Time that you could spend with clients or family and friends does NOT have to be spent researching Paleo diets and recipes or postpartum Yoga poses to get your young mom bod back.

We do all that FOR you. But here's the thing. I want you to have this entire content library for just dollars on the thousands that it's worth.

The online coaching game is a tough one.

Content marketing and creation doesn’t have to make it harder.

With Coaching Content Club, you get to take back up to 10 hours a week (sometimes more!) because you have that helping hand you need so much.

Our ebooks are epic. Our explainer videos help you stand out. Our blogs relieve the pressure to research every element that is going into your content and readers LOVE them.

You get to put your personalization, your branding, on your content and…it’s YOURS (not Canva’s or anyone else’s)!

I know you’ve been struggling.

You don’t have to anymore.

Welcome to Coaching Content Club!

Kylie Malcolm website design health coach
Content Club - Anna Marie


"I love love love that the material is on point with the unique needs and challenges of what I need. Plus, I don't have to spend hours revising the material itself. Such a relief! Plus the design is gorgeous. Kylie isn't kidding when she said it's a whole month worth of content. She has my blog, Facebook page, Facebook group and even suggested a neat way to use the content to build my list, which was completely unexpected. I'm over the moon excited!"


Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist & Picky Eating Coach


You want to coach. We get it.

That’s why we built this FOR YOU.

So you can be the coach, be seen as the influencer, and grow your business…

Without Being Crushed By The Weight Of Content Creation